Raising Souls out of the Darkness and Into the Light

Have you had enough of the way your life is going and want to make a change?

If you have ever wanted to know what your purpose is. If you believe there is more to life than what you are living now. You have come to the right place to go on a journey to discover what that is.

What We Offer!

  • One on One Transition Coaching to help you on the journey to let go of the past hurts and discover your life calling and the steps to take to make it happen.
  • Online courses to help you gain healing in specific areas of your life.
  • Into the Light Prophetic Blog to give you the keys and strategies to implement change.
  • Speaking at your events. If you are looking for an inspiring and empowering speaker to captivate your audience at your next event then click below to make an enquiry.

The service Andrea offers is like no other

Andrea is a leader in her field, drawing on lived experience and accredited qualifications, she offers tried and tested practical guidance for you to implement into your own life. Added to this, she offers spiritual guidance through prayer, biblical and Kingdom principles, to help you see the vision for your future. Teaching you how you can gain your own keys and strategies to bring that vision into reality. She will help you discover your strengths and inspire you to draw on them and empower you to achieve your goals. Helping you to bring faith and action together.

Private sessions can be held in person over coffee if you live in Melbourne, South East Melbourne, South and West Gippsland and the Dandenongs (Covid restrictions permitting). Andrea loves a good coffee and looks forward to sharing one with you, or whatever you prefer, in the many great cafes Melbourne and the surrounds have to offer.

Sessions can also be held over the phone or via Zoom if you are not local to Melbourne, or you are interstate or international.

What We Believe!

God is our Father and He is love! He is not an angry God. He is patient and kind and He loves you more than you can ever understand.

God is not religion, He is relationship and His Grace and Mercy are His gift to you and they are new everyday.

God wants to have relationship with you. You don’t have to wait until you have it all together. He wants you to come as you are. He is waiting for you with His arms open wide.

Jesus Christ is Lord and Saviour! He is the only way to the Father and to eternal life.

God sends Holy Spirit to bring us Peace, Love and Joy. He comforts us, counsels us, protects us, provides for us and brings us healing.

God wants to heal your brokenness and transform you so that you can live a healthy and blessed life.

God is faithfull! He WILL do everything He says He will!

Meet Andrea!

Her passion, determination and positive attitude is infectious.  As a result, she will inspire confidence in you to take action, achieve your goals, be set free and find your purpose.  Add to this, her compassion and kindness to understand your situation.  She will guide you to take steps forward to live a happy, free and fulfilled life.

She will help you gain clarity and confidence and as a result, build your self-esteem.  With her gentle positive approach coaching, and your action, you will gain freedom to have choices.  You will start to see success in your life. You will improve your relationships with your spouse and kids, family, friends, and work colleagues.

What Qualifies Andrea

As a qualified Case Manager in Community Services, she coaches the most vulnerable in societies marginalised, including family violence victims and people with mental health barriers, to achieve their goals and change their situation.  Her background includes one on one coaching through case management and facilitating training groups.  Coupled with life experience in abuse and mental health, her clients trust her because she is non judgemental, she understands and has empathy.  Clients feel empowered to move forward and improve their future.

Andrea is also an author, with her book “Into the Light” soon to be released. Inspired by God to share her testimony, Andrea weaves her story of a troubled past and how she overcame her struggles throughout the pages of her book.  A story that will captivate you, teach you, inspire and empower you to walk out of your darkness and into the light.  Click below to learn more about her story and pre order your copy of the book.


Andrea has a strong faith in God and as a result, God has blessed her with the gift of prophecy. Andrea shares the messages God reveals to her in her prophetic blog Into the Light. Visit her blog to read what God is saying in our current climate. He may have a specific word for you that brings revelation to your situation, and as a result, help you raise out of your darkness and Into the Light.

Behind the scenes of Andrea’s life.

Creativity is a gift from God and Andrea has been blessed with the gift to paint fine art portraits and landscapes. She is a single mother of an adult daughter who shares in her mother’s creative gifts and teenage son who has a natural talent of fixing and building things without instructions, for real, he rarely needs them.

Together they live in the outer suburbs of Melbourne, Australia. Andrea is extremely proud of her children. They have overcome their own battles and have come out the other side amazing young achievers. Both 1st Dan black belts with worldwide accreditation as trainers in Taekwondo, which has shown incredible dedication and determination.

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