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Has your soul been crushed and you no longer know who you are anymore because of an abusive relationship?

Would you know if you are in an abusive relationship?

I didn’t know I was in an abusive relationship until my counsellor pointed it out to me. My abuse wasn’t physical or sexual so I didn’t recognise it.

I didn’t know what Narcissism was.

I didn’t know I was being abused, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I didn’t know that his anger outbursts, throwing and breaking things, is considered physical abuse.

Maybe you’re questioning, “Was I in an abusive relationship? I can relate.”

Do you walk on eggshells when he’s around?
Are you too afraid to speak up for fear of starting a fight?
Are you always made to feel like things are your fault?
Do you get shut down for your ideas and decisions?
Are you the butt of his sarcasism that hurts your feelings, especially in front of others?

These are just some of the things you may be experiencing that are warning bells, or red flags and make you feel like you don’t know who you are anymore and you feel crushed.

What if I could help you?

In this self paced interactive course, we cover what abuse is and how it affects us. You are not crazy, you were abused.

When I discovered I was abused and none of it was my fault, I was able to start the healing process.

What this course will help you with.

In this course you will do excactly that – start the healing process with practical activities such as:

Get to the core of what you like and what you don’t like.
Understand core values and narrow down your top 5.
How to change the language you speak over yourself.
How to reject negativity spoken over you.
What Identity vs Role Confusion is.
Understand your inner spirituality.
And much more.

This course is made up of modules containing short video presentations ranging from 5 to 15 minutes. You can watch them at your own pace in short increments, and do the practical activities along with the video, or you can block out an afternoon to yourself and work your way through it.

I recommend you take your time so you can give some thought to the practical activities to really get to the core of you. Move on to the next module when you feel ready.

What will you get out of this course?

When you have completed the course you will be so anchored in who you are, what you like and what you don’t like that you will be stronger in making decisions and who you allow into your life.

When ever you have a decision to make in your life, whether it be a partner, a business or work decision, a study decision etc, it will be filtered through your core values. Anything that doesn’t line up with them will not be the right fit for you. You will be able to make better choices for your future and set healthy boundaries based on knowing who on earth you are.

Total value of this course is $900, but it’s yours for just $153.

Are You Ready to…..

Transform your life, fulfil your dreams, find your purpose and your freedom.

Discover your true identity. Know your worth and gain confidence to step out and achieve the things you want.

Learn to trust again, let down your guard and build new friendships, restore old ones and have a social life again.

Not care about what anyone else thinks of you.

Feel strong and secure, and gain control over your finances.

Be a positive role model for your children, and have a strong, loving and respectful relationship with them.

Break free of depression and anxiety that is holding you back.

Feel energised with joy and happiness instead of feeling drained with no energy.

Let go of the pain, hurt and anger, and feel joy and freedom.

Discover how to fill the hole in your heart with love, joy and peace.

Instead of chasing after things you think will fill the empty hole in your heart; only to find the hole keeps getting bigger.

Grow in your spirituality and find your purpose.

Succeed at work and built a meaningful career or business.

Our Services are for women who want all the above, and have experienced any of the following…

The feeling of not knowing who you are anymore?

Constantly walking on eggshells so you do not trigger an attack on you.

Lack of freedom to be you and enjoy life.

Every attempt at communication ends badly, leaving you feeling like you are to blame, even though you are not.

Being afraid to speak up and have your say because you only get criticised.

The silent treatment that can last for days, which makes you feel stressed and anxious.

Always getting sick and/or suffering from multiple health issues?

Lack of self-worth and confidence.

Friends and family no longer visit anymore and you don’t get to hang out with them?

Decide Today…

to claim your life and your freedom back!

It’s time to find you again! Time to get your identity and confidence back!

Start taking control!

Enrol into our Unshakeable Identity Online Course today!

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Why choose us?

As a leader in our field
Our services are like no other!

We are passionate about making a positive difference to your life, bring hope and walk with you to see you empowered to accomplish your dreams and goals.

Andrea has a lived experience, similar to what you may be experiencing. This experience allows for non judgemental, compassionate and empathetic listening and understanding.

With qualifications in psychology based case management, and years of experience as a consultant/coach and training facilitator, Andrea ensures you receive best practice quality servicing, giving you confidence in our expertise.

Incorporating elements such as:

Confidence, Self Esteem and Self Worth

Forgiveness and healing


Life Purpose

Our faith, prayer and prophetic insight will guide you spiritually and as a result, add a higher element to your healing and growth you never thought was possible, and
in fact your journey depends on it.

You can learn more about Andrea and what qualifies her by clicking the button below to find out more about her.

Into the Light Autobiography

A testimony authored by Andrea

Into the Light is an inspiring and compelling story of how Andrea escaped the darkness of her past she felt imprisoned in. She explains how she broke free of the chains of abuse, depression and suicide, poverty and more that she was bound in. As a result, she found her purpose, and walked into freedom to live a blessed and prosperous life.

Her autobiography of her life and testimony, will be launched soon. Keep an eye out for the book launch. An event you won’t want to miss!

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